Top Market Meats - Operations

The way we operate Top Market Meats

We started with the barn, a barn that was designed for specifically for rabbit operations.   A 40’ X 64’ steel building that has windows all the way around for natural light and ventilation.   We raise our rabbits in a three tiered cage system.  This all steel barn has no

exposed wood, the steel walls are ideal  for disinfecting and cleaning.  Every cage is wash and disinfected with an all-natural disinfectant after every use to ensure great health and safety.  Keeping a barn clean and disinfected will guarantee a rabbits contentment and health.

We have daily and weekly health checks of our rabbits and also work with a local feed mill and veterinarian to guarantee are standards in the quality that we produce.   A rabbit’s environment is the most important priority at Top Market Meats, from surroundings, water value, food quality, air control, natural lighting and breeding stock selection.  All of these factors play a major role in a rabbitry’s production excellence, the production yields and the quality of the meat.  We take what we do seriously for our rabbits and enjoy what we do every day.  As a rabbit grower in Ontario of 150 Does, we are devoted, hands-on producers and this is how we can guarantee the highest, finest, quality in taste from our rabbit meat and rabbit products.  

Top Market Meats- Operations