Animals on the Farm- Selecting the right Breeds

When selecting breeding stock at Top Market Rabbitry we have always bought from reputable breeders and do our research.  We ask questions to the breeder about blood lines, health, environment and if past customers have been satisfied with the quality from their breed of animal.   Also ask around to other farmers in your industry about what you are looking for and who they would recommend. 

Tamworth Pig - Top Market RabbitryTamworth Pigs

Our Tamworth pigs are free to roam around in their outdoor pens as they please.  If they want to sit outside on a

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Top Market Rabbitry - Embden GeeseEmbden Geese

Our Embden geese get to enjoy their days walking around the farm, splashing in their pool and foraging on grass.

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Indian Runner Ducks

Our Indian Runner ducks are the egg laying queens on the farm and always put on a good show for us.  Rather than

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Top Mrket Rabbitry - Muscovy DuckMuscovy Ducks

Muscovy ducks are a great breed of duck for meat and egg production.   Male Muscovy can weigh over 10lbs and can

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Road Island Red-Dual Purpose-Egg and Meat

The Road Island Red chickens are raised for meat and brown eggs. This is a popular choice for most backyard flocks and

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Top Market Rabbitry - Californian RabbitAbout  Californian Rabbits

Appearance- California rabbits are in the class size of large with an average body weight of 7-10lbs (breeding age over

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Top Market Rabbitry - Pekin DuckPekin Duck-Meat

Our 20 Pekin breeder ducks love to do it all themselves.   Every spring to early summer the female ducks make their

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Top Market Meats - TurkeysTurkeys

At our farm we have the highest level of quality management control though the stages of our turkey’s production. 

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Top Mrket Rabbitry - Whit LeghornWhite Leghorn-Egg

White Leghorns are the most popular and common in commercial white egg laying barns and can lay 250 plus eggs

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Top Mrket Rabbitry - Barred RockPlymouth Barred Rock-Dual Purpose-Egg and Meat

Plymouth Barred Rock chickens make outstanding free range large brown egg laying hens and are dual purpose for

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Top Mrket Rabbitry - White RockChickens – The difference is in the grower!

We raise 300 White Rock chickens each year and our day old chickens come from a reputable local hatchery and

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Top Market Rabbirty - New Zealand RabbitAbout  New Zealand White Rabbits

Appearance- New Zealand White rabbits are in the class size of large with an average body weight of 9-12lbs

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Top Market Rabbitry - RabbitsRabbits at Top Market Rabbitry

A healthy breed of rabbit is one of the most important investments a rabbit farmer can take. Choosing and selecting a

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