Rabbit Fajitas (serves 4)

2 packages                                          rabbit stewing pieces

2 tbsp.                  30 mL                    cooking oil


1                              large onion chopped

1                              green pepper seeded and in strips

1                              red pepper seeded and in strips

1 tbsp.                  15 mL minced garlic



1 tbsp.                  15 mL lemon juice

¼ cup                    60 mL soy sauce

2 tbsp.                  30 mL honey

1 tbsp.                  15 mL balsamic vinegar


8-10                       flour tortillas heated in covered bowl



1 cup                     250 mL  sour cream

1 cup                     250 mL  salsa

1 cup                     250 mL grated cheddar cheese


Heat cooking oil in frying pan and add rabbit stewing pieces.  Stir-fry until cooked.  Then set aside on plate. Mix sauce ingredients and set aside.


Add onion, minced garlic, green and red peppers and more cooking oil if needed to frying pan, sauté until brown.  Add cooked rabbit stewing pieces and sauce mixture and re-heat on high quickly.


To serve lay 1 tortilla on plate and place onions and peppers with cooked rabbit stewing pieces down the center.  Garnish with toppings and roll in tortilla folding up bottom end.  Enjoy.