Apple and Sage Stuffed Rabbit (serves 6-8)

1                             1 fryer rabbit

2 tsp.                     10 mL butter or margarine

½ cup                   125 mL water



6 cups                   1500 mL dry bread crumbs

½ cup                   125 mL  diced apple

½ cup                   125 mL  diced celery

½ cup                   125 mL  diced onion

1 tbsp.                   15 mL       sage

1 tbsp.                   15 mL      poultry seasoning

1 tsp.                     5 mL       black pepper

1 tsp.                     5 mL       parsley

2                            2            diced cloves of garlic


1 cup                     250 mL chicken or vegetable broth 


Combine all 9 ingredients of stuffing in a bowl and mix together.  Once mixed add broth to soften breadcrumbs.  Then stuff cavity of rabbits and place in roasting pan (the cavity does not need to be closed/tied).  Add water to roasting pan and spread butter or margarine on rabbit. Cover pan with foil. Roast rabbits at 350º F (175º C) for 2-2½ hours or until done, basting every 45 minutes.