Top Market Meats - Operations

The way we operate Top Market Meats

We started with the barn, a barn that was designed for specifically for rabbit operations.   A 40’ X 64’ steel building that has windows all the way around for natural light and ventilation.   We raise our rabbits in a three tiered cage system.  This all steel barn has no

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Processed Rabbits from Top Market Meats

All of our meat is processed provincially and is government inspected.  Each rabbit processed has a

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Our rabbit meat is government inspected

All government rules are respected and followed at Top Market Rabbitry.  Ontario has some of the Nation’s strongest

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Custom packaging to suit your needs

At Top Market Rabbitry we work with a local government inspected butcher who specializes in handling rabbit meat . 

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Traceability of rabbits from Top Market Meats

We know everything about our rabbits at all stages of processing.  Keeping track of our rabbits from the time they

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