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Appearance- California rabbits are in the class size of large with an average body weight of 7-10lbs (breeding age over

20 weeks of age for best results).  This breed has a shorter bulky body build with more rounded back, short powerful back legs, small short front feet, short neck, muscular faces, bright eyes, which are a shade of pink to bright ruby red.  All of these traits have contributed to them becoming a favorite breed of rabbit meat.


Bucks (males) weigh between 8-10 pounds

Does (females) weigh between 8-9.5 pounds

Hair Type- The Californian has a short, dense and fine coat.

Colour-The colouring of a California is white with coloured ears, nose, tail and legs which are a dark grey. The oval nose marking runs beneath the jaw and well up the profile of the nose towards the eyes. The ears are coloured from the base to tip, as is the tail. The feet, including the nails are dark and the colouring runs well up the legs.


Temperament- Californian rabbits are remarkably calm, docile and are extremely laid-back in personalities. They are also excellent to handle and seldom aggressive.

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