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Appearance- New Zealand White rabbits are in the class size of large with an average body weight of 9-12lbs

(breeding age over 20 weeks of age for best results) and with a significant broad body build with extended backs, long powerful back legs, small shorter front feet, muscular faces, bright eyes, which are a shade of pink to bright ruby red.  All of these traits have contributed to them becoming a favorite breed of rabbit meat.


Bucks (males) weigh between 8-10 pounds

Does (females) weigh between 9-12 pounds


Hair Type-The hair type is medium with a soft undercoat a coarser guard hair.

Colour-The most common New Zealand is the colour white with red eyes but there are other coloured New Zealand rabbits such as Red, Black, Grey(Blue) and Broken (white and colure).

Temperament-New Zealand Whites are remarkably calm and docile.  They have extremely laid-back personalities, excellent to handle and are seldom aggressive.

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