Top Market Meats - TurkeysTurkeys

At our farm we have the highest level of quality management control though the stages of our turkey’s production. 

We get our day old turkeys from a reputable local hatchery and from that day on they are raised by us. 

For the first 4 weeks they are raised indoors for their safety and health with heat lights and protection from predators.   They are then moved to a large 30’ X 110’ out door pen until 14-18 weeks of age.  When our soya beans come off the fields and vegetables are out of the garden, we open the pen gates and our turkey’s graze out on 40 acres for over 2 weeks. 

We have been raising turkeys this way for 5 years and that’s what makes the difference in the quality and taste of our turkey’s to other store bought brands.  We raise 50 turkey’s each year and as a small, devoted, hands-on procedure, this is how we can guarantee the highest, finest, freshest quality in taste from our turkey’s.  

Top Market Meats- TurkeysTop Market Meats - Turkeys