Tamworth Pig - Top Market RabbitryTamworth Pigs

Our Tamworth pigs are free to roam around in their outdoor pens as they please.  If they want to sit outside on a

sunny day they can do so or spend the day sleeping it away.  They get to do what they want when they want.  The big boy Barnaby is our boar and he has 2 lovely lady sows named Barbie due to her blond face and Becky the red head.  For the months of December and January all 3 get to enjoy each other’s company and then 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days  later we get to enjoy all the little baby B’s running around.   We are truly enjoying this breed of pig and they have been a welcoming addition to the farm family.

Top Market Rabbitry - Tamworth PigTop Market Rabbitry - Tamworth Pig