Top Mrket Rabbitry - White RockChickens – The difference is in the grower!

We raise 300 White Rock chickens each year and our day old chickens come from a reputable local hatchery and

from that day on they are raised by us.  For the first 4 weeks they are raised indoors for their safety and health with heat lights and protection from predators.   They are then moved to a large 40’ X 120’ out door pen until 12 weeks of age.

 White Rock chickens are your standard barn raised chicken but it’s how we grow our chickens that makes the difference.  When raised in a barn with no natural light or room to run, all they get to do is sit and eat and.  With our chickens they walk around, that’s the difference.  We have their shelter in the middle of the pen with feed at one end and water at the other.  These chickens walk, talk, enjoy the bugs, feel the sun and look up at the stars at night.

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